Friday, January 22, 2010

Homework Assignment Day 10

Happy weekend! I love Fridays and so should you. Here are the some reasons that Fridays are AWESOME!

New movies are released
I love going to the movies. And I really love dragging a group of friends to the opening night of a disaster film.
New Movies

I'm not much of a partyer. I rarely ever drink or stay out late but if I was going to I'd go out on Friday night and dance my ass off (not literally, I need my ass for sitting).

ABC's 20/20 airs Friday night at 10pm. I grew up watching 20/20 with Hugh Downes and Barbara Walters. But my favorite has always been The "Gimme A Break" segment by John Stossel.

Friday, the Movie
Who knew that Ice Cube would star in one of the funniest movies ever?


adv said...

I have to say, that dance video really made my night!

Strangulation said...

Did you watch 20/20 last night? Hearing Barbra Walters say "Bluffing with my muffin"... priceless.