Thursday, January 21, 2010

Homework Assignment Day 9

Conan O'Brien has struck a deal for 45 million dollars to walk away from NBC. I'm on team Coco but alas, it seems "the man" once again squashed the little guy.

If I had 45 million dollars of course I would travel, buy houses for me and my family, and donate a ton of money to women and gay organizations but here are all the frivolous things I would buy:

I love mass amounts of grapefruit. When I was in high school choir we were forced to sell boxes of oranges and grapefruit to pay for our field-trips. My mother always bought us a box or two and I gorged myself on citrus.
Navels & Grapefruit BoxNew2

Prank my friends
I love to prank people, especially my friends since they will usually forgive me...sorry, Liz! I would buy a bunch of Ed Hardy crap for Dara since she calls Ed Hardy "douche-wear".

I'd send Glenda to Rome to take a tour of the Vatican and force her to buy some holy trinkets from the gift shop to hang in her kitchen. (Does the Vatican have a gift shop? If not, they should.)

And I'd get Jenny a brothel license for Nevada since I'm 90% sure she already has a successful brothel going, so why not make it legal?

Swim with the sharks
I should clarify, I don't want to swim with the sharks, my wife does. I'll just stay dry on land and take pictures.

Dance Magic the Movie!
I'd turn my awesome dance troupe, DANCE MAGIC, into a feature film with stellar costumes and have Mia Michael choreograph all the dance numbers.

How would you spend 45 million?


Claire said...

I had to sell grapefruit & oranges for band to help finance our yearly trip to see a Broadway show & assorted bits of NYC.

Actually had a homework project in 3rd or 4th grade which was to say how I'd spend a million dollars. 45 might be the equivalent now. Didn't even consider the chunk the gov't would take back then.

I'd travel: both the world & to see far flung friends, & later on buy a house. I'd give a big chunk to my folks who've really helped me out, invest in some creative endeavors with my buds. Probably donate to Heifer international, World Wildlife Fund, V-Day, & some lgbt & women's groups/candidates, my local library. Get some new clothes. Check out a bunch of great places to eat wherever they might be. Now if someone would just pay 45 million dollars to fire me...

Lainey said...

After financially taking care of my mom, I'd travel the world & see the planet, buy property in Hawaii, & buy an island...