Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teen Pregnancy shows are the new BLACK!

Teen Pregnancy is all the rage at the Hollywood studios these days.

ABC Family has The Secret Life of the American Teenager, MTV's has 16 and Pregnant and now Lifetime will be debuting The Pregnancy Pact (a true story of high schoolers in MA who agreed to get pregnant at the same time.) My friends play beer-pong for fun...

Now that pregnant teens have three tv shows to relate to, how about making 1 tv show for gay teens?

I miss My So Called Life and South of Nowhere.



Websketch said...

I miss them too, although The Secret Life is pretty good, not much stands up to South of Nowhere. We just have to find a fabulous writer and there's more on your list then mine. LOL. Hit 'em up Bridget, you are a go getter, go get us one. Smiles. And you have enough enthusiasm for us both.

Michelle said...

I agree, I don't think there will ever be another show to come along that would even touch where South of Nowhere did. You can't really re-create it. Although it had its flaws (and the fact that it ended when it shouldn't have), I still thought it to be one of the best shows on television and I'm happy to have had it in my life!

jaide987 said...

Hey, just to comment on what you said about the teen pregnancy shows, it is exactly the same here in England! Also very ashamed to say my cousin appeared on one of them shows! Girls here are like "hey if i get pregnant i get a house that tax payers pay for, i get money given to me that tax payers pay for blah blah blah" yeah not sore about this issue at all! NOT AT ALL! haha!