Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things that make me smile.

Things that make me smile:

-When my dog humors me and wears clothes

-Playing dress up

-Seeing my parents

-Breakfast for dinner

-Dancing like a jackass with my friends

What makes you smile?


Syd said...

Very cute post.

The New Orleans Saints and my baby donkey make me smile.

Di said...

...and that is a wonderful smile.

Fridays make me smile.

MamaMya said...

smile-worthy: waking up thinking it's Thursday then realizing it's Saturday; babies who walk like they're drunk (hey, maybe they are. I don't judge); knowing someone got the joke. :-D

Wendy said...

Jubilee in Las Vegas, the topless night.

Lainey said...

My favorite band on the planet...Heart
Animals that do funny things
Friday nights & Saturday mornings
An elderly couple taking a stroll while walking arm in arm.
& You!

Joana said...

romantic movie scenes
and Valentina, my cat :p