Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sound Bytes

In the last week I've said a lot of strange things. Here's a list of some of my own sound bytes that made sense at the time but out of context make me laugh. Wow, I guess I'm laughing at myself. is that healthy?

-Betty White is the new black!

-I'm not lying, I'm improvising.

-You're crazy and your wife looks like a tranny!

-Look at her throbbing rectum.

-I could never do drugs I have "narc" written all over me.

-My wife stole a plant from a gay establishment.

-I'm not a homeowner but I am brunette.

-I can't play a topless nun! I'm not religious.

p.s. When you google search "topless nun" the below pictures shows up.



MamaMya said...

I'm not religious either, but I will pray for you nonetheless. :-)

Nadia said...

Haha I loved those!
Awesome posts! They always make me feel better and laugh! :)