Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New ways of saying unemployed

Many of my friends are out of jobs thanks to this tremendous recession. After a year of being unemployed I noticed some people have changed the way they say "unemployed" to different more colorful ways of saying the same thing.

Here are other ways I've heard people describe that they are not currently working.

-I'm freelance.

-I'm a consultant.

-I'm a producer.

-I'm applying to law school.

-I'm applying to med school.

-I'm self employed.

-I'm between jobs.

-I'm reevaluating my goals.

-I'm an entrepreneur.

-I'm working on my website.

-I'm shopping for a new agent.

-I'm in post-production.

-I'm in a band.

-I'm developing a new project.

Being unemployed sucks. I hope our economy picks up and those who want jobs get them. Stay strong and keep developing!


1 comment:

Joanne said...

At 26 and looking for work, I like to tell people "I'm retired." It turns the "damn, sucks to be you" look on their face to "damn, I wish I was you" look.