Monday, March 22, 2010

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body.

A few weeks ago I went to the dentist. As I laid back in my reclined dental chair the dentist turned on the overhead television. I was instructed to grunt when I wanted her to stop on a channel. My first instinct was to grunt when I saw People's Court but I instead I grunted for PBS, hoping that my selection would make her think I was intelligent.

PBS was airing a special called Change Your Brain, Change Your Body with clinical neuroscientist and author Daniel G. Amen M.D.

I found this special to be fascinating and I went home and immediately ordered Amen's book of the same name.

Dr. Amen believes the key to a better body and being youthful starts with a healthy brain. The book gives fifteen solutions involving nutritious foods and vitamins positive-thinking habits that he believes will surely turn your life around.

Now I've tried a zillion different diets over the years and right now I'm not even trying to lose weight but I am interested in increasing my brain-body connection.

So today was my first day actually applying Dr. Amen's advice and I'm going to track my progress and see what happens.
My first order of business was removing coffee from my diet because coffee dehydrates the brain and can increase anxiety (which I have a lot of). Cutting out coffee is like tying my left arm behind my back and I am left handed.

So let's see how many days I can go without coffee and how different I feel. Wish me luck!



Lainey said...

Go without coffee???? YIKES....

Well best of luck to you Bridget - I could never let go of my newly discovered way of making coffee via french press - the best cup of coffee on the planet - I'm hooked!

I'll be thinking about you every morning now - keep us updated on how its going -

Gui said...

Good luck! You will need! Cut the coffee is almost like cutting the neck, your brain will be healthy, for sure ...

jeromecleary said...


Ex-Fundie said...

LOL at grunting for PBS for intelligence!! Good luck on cutting out the coffee, Bridget.

Claire said...

Good luck!

I already don't drink coffee, so what's step 2?

KIM said...

To just Quit instead of easing off it...Wow!! I also have anxiety, but I go with the studies that say coffee benefits the mind and body. I did cut back to 2 cups in the morning, and a cup of green tea in the afternoon as a pick me up.
But to just quit, cold turkey, thats...We think the world of you Bridget. Please keep us updated


Dalice711 said...

Einstein was a big coffee drinker! Just sayin'. 1879-1955