Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

In the last two months every time I go into a book store my eyes find Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I've picked up the book numerous times but I never bought it because I read a negative review about it.

Last week, once again, I walked into a book store, saw the Abraham Vampire book and picked it up. This time I decided to sit down, actually read the book and see for myself if I liked the book rather then let a complete stranger's opinion decide for me.

As you might have guessed I LOVE the book and wish I bought it months ago.

This happening was a great reminder that we all are individuals and should listen to our instincts.

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Lainey said...

I thought the same thing (Super Creepy front cover)...but since you gave it a thumbs it, I just may go & get it...

I just bought Chely Wright's book, & while there I found & bought "My Journey With Farrah" written by her best friend Alana Stewart - It looks really good, but not sure that's your kinda thing...Farrah was a beautiful soul...RIP Farrah!!!