Thursday, May 27, 2010

Foods of the past

Since I posted my Oprah audition video (PLEASE VOTE) I've received lots of questions about how I lost 70 pounds. The diet program that I endorse the most is Weight Watchers because it works for people that have active lives. You can go to parties, drink alcohol, go out to restaurants, eat sugar and junk food and yet lose weight.

The first time I lost 70 pounds I was 12 years old and I didn't use Weight Watchers. I somehow did it on my own by rollerblading in my basement everyday listening to The B52's Love Shack over and over again. I also cut out most of the junk foods that I was consuming. Below is a list of junk foods that I haven't eaten since I was 12 years old. And I use to eat them A LOT which was why I weighed 200 pounds at such a young age.

-Chocolate fudge pop tarts

-Double stuff oreos


-Micky mouse ice cream bars


-Fruit roll ups

-Flintstones push up pops

-Strawberry shortcake bars
GH Strawberry Shortcake Bars

-ice cream cookie sandwiches with chocolate chips


R A R A said...

hi. I just want to know your opinion, is liquid diet okay? and when you say liquid diet, does it really mean liquid like no crackers or whatsoever? cause i saw 50 cent lost a lot of weigh for his upcoming with that liquid diet.

Lisa said...

Never in my entire 18 years on the planet that is called EARF have I eaten a twinkie. I feel like I'm missing out on something major.

Anonymous said...


Tiburón said...

Flinstone push up pops... mmmmmm I treat myself to those about once a year.

And they MUST be the Flinstone kinds.