Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Yesterday I walked out to my car barefoot, as always. My wife thinks it's gross that I don't wear shoes when I'm outside yet I find it to be freeing. Hopefully I won't cut my foot and need a tetanus shot. I hate shots.

Below are some things you might not know about me. I'd love if you would respond and shared some things about yourself as well. Sharing is caring!

-I love being barefoot

-I mainly wear pants instead of jeans because I hate how jeans fit me.

-I won't wear a bathing suit to the beach but I'll wear one on my tv show in Dance Magic.

-I can't make edible eggs.

-I'm surprised my dog likes to cuddle with me.

-I have a bunch of 70s rock tee shirts of bands I've never listened to before.

-I use to be a scenic artist's assistant when I lived in New York so I love to paint but I never do.

-I'm in love with my cat Shelby. I'm not a cat person but I'm a Shelby person.

-My mother-in-law knows my taste better than anyone else. Everything she buys me I LOVE.

-I use to be obsessed with Phil Collins and when I would hear him on the radio I thought it was a sign. (of what? not sure)

-I don't hate kids, they are actually kinda cute. I was stabbed with a fork by a little boy I was babysitting when I was in high school. The boy wrote me an apology letter but I've been weary of kids ever since.

-Anytime a person asks for spare change I give it to them and it's usually when I'm about to feed my meter so I have to put my car flashers on and find a store that will give me change since I just gave mine all away.

-I wash my hair everyday, sometimes twice a day.

-I have a rubber tree plant named Hernando that's 10 feet tall.

-I love sweeping my porch in the morning.

-I listen to instrumental music when I write and exercise.

-I hate when my nails are long so I cut them very very short.

-I enjoy listening to music that makes me cry.

-I read magazines back to front. I assume it's because I'm left-handed.

-I think government is corrupt and I don't know why money, power and land is more important than human life.

-I won't allow myself to watch "Intervention" anymore. I get too upset.

-I have very good sense of hearing and bad eyesight.

-My most prized possession is my late Nana's jewelry box which is full of junk jewelry and pictures of my grandparents.

Your turn- tell me something about you? :)



desiree said...

-i have a strange obsession with the disney channel. my dad thinks that they installed a chip in my head as a child that keeps me loyal to the entire corporation.

-i have a poster of the movie "the hours" and i talk to it whenever i have a problem or really good news. sometimes it seems like meryl streep is really listening.

-i drink enough wine and various other liquors for a doctor to probably classify me an alcoholic.

-i'm attracted to almost any ginger i see.

-i am obsessed with drag queens. i think this comes from my mom letting me see to wong foo when i was 10.

-i have a russian alter ego named svetlana. she curses a lot and likes to have sex in alleys.

-i am extremely disturbed by babies dressed up as animals. it's not cute, it's sick.

-sometimes i lie for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

-i like to steal things from bars and restaurants. it seems justified if i've spent a lot of money there.

-i pretend to be an asshole, but i really love doing nice things for people.

RavenNation said...

A few things about me:

-I hate needles. I cry whenever I have to get a shot or have blood work done.

-I was attacked by a moth once, and now when I see a moth, I always think it's going to attack me.

-I can cook really well, but I hardly ever do. I love to bake, but will only do it if someone asks me to.

-I like to sleep naked during the summer.

-I hate being in crowds.

-I don't like to be touched.

-I don't like swimming in pools, but I love swimming in the ocean.

-One day, when I have enough money, I plan on living on a boat.

And there are a couple of others, but I don't think they'd be very appropriate to share.

sue said...

I sometimes put my pajamas on at 5pm.

I don't get the air kissing thing that happens with my wife's Italian family. I'm Irish from Boston and the closest we get to our family members is a wave hello from across the room. I find it awkward and never know whether to go left or right. Once time we dropped something off at my sister in law's and had to do the air kiss thing with the whole family (8of them) when we came in the house and had to do it all again when we left five minutes later. WTF?

I know the lyrics to all of the songs from the Sound of Music.

mega said...

- i'm afraid of spiders and heights
- i'm learning how to surf to have an extra excuse to go to the beach - even if it's off season (and i'm loving it)
- i don't like crowds
- i can't fall asleep easily by myself (have 2 cats for company)
- i like to walk naked around my apartment
- i hate cold, rain, wind, winter!!!
- i wish i was 10cms taller (i'm 1.68m)
- i've been in love with my grandma since i opened my eyes
- i've always wanted to have children (at least 1)
- i prefer blondes but never had a blonde gf
- i always fall for their smiles

Boulevardez said...

My favorite time of day is when the sun is setting and just before the sun rises

Things I do to relax are listen to music until I fall asleep

My favorite TV show when I was a kid was almost anything on nickelodeon and the simpsons

Favorite color is royal blue

I hate dramatic people

Favorite movie of all time is the Goonies

I love cold rainy weather

Although I was born in the 90’s I love everything about the 80’s

Favorite brand of shoe in the world is converse/chuck Taylors

I prefer skinny jeans more that regular jeans or pants

I put my shoes on in the morning and don’t take them off til’ its time for bed

When most people are dressed up I’m in jeans and a baseball t-shirt

I hardly ever eat lunch at school and usually wait til’ I get home to eat anything

I have plenty of friends and I live with my family but I am usually by myself most of the time and I actually prefer it that way (have no clue why)

I am a procrastinator especially when it comes to doing my homework!

Spanish was my first language but as I grew up I started to forget it and now I can barley speak it at all

My family is very religious and not to mention judgmental however I prefer no to be

I have never once cried while watching a movie

I wish my mother would stop telling me how to dress myself

I don’t have any pets (not including my 8 yr old sister)

I am an aspiring actress and director

While in school I’m supposed to be paying attention but can’t help but zone off into my own world

Naps always seem like a good idea until I wake up 3 hours later all cranky

Although the world has its problems and people in high school are busy being dramatic I’m busy watching tom and jerry cartoons

I’m really the simplest GIRL I’ve ever met

And that’s all I know about me now the rest I’m still learning as I go …

Dalice711 said...

Those are really interesting tidbits....
-I too read magazines back to front and I'm a righty.

-only go barefoot at beach or pool and only on a vacuumed rug.

-wear jeans AND pants!

-have a lot of really cool & artsy T-shirts from my travels but rarely wear them.

-I swim naked in my bff's private pool.

-I make the best scrambled eggs!

- There are over 200 of the coolest magnets on my refrigerator...160 of them were gifts!

-I was obsessed with the L Word and still would be if it was still on.

-Not a big fans of kids. But, love babies.

-Love to watch the rabbits in my yard and I'm friends with a really cute brown frog. Built him a hideaway.

-Love to people-watch from my deck and when waiting in my car.

-I want to know almost everything about women I have a crush on(in a non-stalking way). Out celesbians are amazingly interesting.

-I clean the commode 3 times a week and I don't have OCD.

-I find the 3 sexiest parts of a woman are her hands (the longer the fingers, the better,with shortish nails),her eyes and her breasts.

-I once danced for 4hrs straight in a club in NYC.

-I love commercials that make me cry.

-I always have spare change and don't know why

-I only watch the last 30 minutes of the Animal Cops shows & Animal Precinct. The first half is always heartbreaking.

-I stopped watching Animal Planet altogether when the amazing 'Flower'(the alpha meerkat) senselessly died and the filming crew could have prevented it! I-N-E-X-C-U-S-A-B-L-E!
OK now I'm just venting!lol

-Nobody in my family has good taste in clothes, except me and my 15yr old gay nephew.

-I have good eyesight yet I bought plain-glass eyeglasses because my gf said they matched my eyes!!

-I think if more women ran this country there would be less corruption (& hopefully more lesbians in power).

-Finally,I love to hug and kiss my dog until she falls asleep. Same goes for my gf.

Once you get going, ya just don't wanna stop!
p.s. a tetanus shot lasts for like 10 yrs (maybe 5)so don't worry about cutting your bare feet!lol

Di said...

That's weird, Bridget. I too have terrible eyesight and hear every damn thing imaginable. I even need to wear earplugs at night or else I'll wake-up at the tiniest noise. I guess if you have bad eyes, your other sense are exceptionally good. *shrug*

Kaylan said...

I love cold weather, but I hate snow.

When anything good or bad happens in my life the first person I call is my Mom.

I'm 27 years old and I've liked every Justin Bieber song I've heard.

I donate blood as often as I can.

My grandma is my favorite person to spend time with because she tells the best stories.

Anonymous said...

how do u do?

Claire said...

I wear men's jeans/pants with rare exception because they have deep pockets and are long enough. I like the waist/inseam method of sizing. Makes more sense. Also, women's sizing psychs me out because I have to look at large sizes to get the length even though I'm not heavy. It's a brainfuck which frustrates me because I know better, in theory.

I started drawing again this year and as an unexpected bonus, it's meditative and calming for me if I'm stressed.

8 years ago some young friends (college students) got me to try DDR and I'm still playing.

I once had a philodendron named Paul.

I like dogs, but I was bit in the forehead by one when I tried to hug it when I was 4. (Mom always says that dog was abused as if I would've known & understood that back then.) And then I was routinely chased up trees by dobermans from next door and jumped on by a big dog we had. There was Kody though, a sweet mellow Samoyad of friends I met in 2003; we became buds in the last year of his life. Still miss that dog.

I worked as a gaffer on indie films in LA back in the day.

Seeing pygmy goats in person makes me happy.

I'm a bit of a recluse, the internet notwithstanding.

I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if I liked coffee and alcohol.

Lori said...

-I am 21 and I talk to my mother daily on the telephone, she's like my best friend

-I tell everyone I cannot swim and am afraid of water just so I can have an excuse not to wear a bathing suit, In reality I can swim and love the pool. I'm just too self conscious about my body...even though I'm average size.

-I sometimes wish that I had chosen a different career path than the one I'm currently on. It's too late to change now since I'm about to graduate.

-I'm still closeted to my entire family, but for some reason on my 18th birthday all 3 of my older sisters decided to take me to a gay dance club.

-I want to be a foster parent someday so I can really make a difference in some kids life.

-I am in love with a girl who lives 3,000 miles away and who i've only ever seen on webcam and talked to on the phone.

-I get really bad migraines about 3 times a week and the doctors can't figure out why.

-I can be very stubborn and headstrong

-I'm afraid of silverfish and cockroaches

-I don't like dogs because I think they smell bad and are too needy.

-I watch sad movies intentionally when I want to cry but can't seem to do it on my own.

Lainey said...

-I'm incredibly happy for Chely Wright coming out. She's the 1st in country music to do so, enormously courageous! Hence, I love courageous women, its a very attractive quality. She's beautiful & her courage just completes the package. She's helping the world be a better place! Lesbians totally rule!

-I've always liked Phil Collins & love Mariachi music too.

-I love the smell of Nag Champa incense, but not just any brand of Nag Champa, it has to be the one in the blue & white box w/red writing.

-I have hundreds of biographies but either never finish reading them, or have never read them - only 2 have i ever finished reading. Never have the time - but if I hear a celebrity has written a book - I must have it in hardcover, which reminds me I've gotta buy Chely's biography!

-My most prized possession is my late grandma's piano. It's 70 yrs old, & was given to her as a high school graduation gift from her mother. I cherish that piano more than I cherish my guitars...& I cherish my guitars!

-I believe in my late grandpa's motto: relationships aren't 50 50 - they're 60 40 because there will be times when your only able to give 40% that's when your partner gives 60% & vice versa. They were married for 52 years so it obviously worked -7 years apart in age & death, & both died @ the age of 81 -

-Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart are my 2 favorite peeps on the planet! I love their music, but love them more for who they are!

-I think animals are the most brilliant creatures ever created.

-I too am a lefty but read front to back & I'm also ambidextrous.

-I enjoy waking up in the morning to birds singing & churping. They're a reminder that life is a beautiful thing even when things aren't so beautiful.

-I love the beach & the ocean, & the sound of the waves crashing upon the shore. Wish I knew how to surf. Right after a storm is the best time to find the coolest shells. I prefer remote beaches

-I'm a romantic lipstick lesbian & love to kiss

-I find long red painted nails very sexy

-I'm attracted to women who are comfortable in their own skin.

-I like being in crowds, & one on one time as well. Balance is important

-I love that you paint - its an attractive quality & so romantic - you should pick it up again.

-I think love, encouragement, & reassurance are some of the best things you could ever give to someone

-Well I apologize Bridget because I've just rambled & rambled....could I get you another cup of coffee?

Marian said...

Haha, in my first year of university we had a fire evacuation in the middle of the night, and all the New Zealanders wandered out into the street in bare feet. The foreign students, especially the Americans, were all kinds of weirded out.

Kris said...

- I also love being barefoot. I wish it was more socially acceptable to go more places with no shoes on.

- I train in Japanese Jiu Jitsu and I am close to becoming a black belt.

- I love to sing and actually have a pretty decent voice but am to shy to do anything with it.

- I'm going to college to become an American Sign Language interpreter.

- I am at an age when everyone is trying to figure out who they are but feel like it's more difficult for me because I'm trying to figure out my gender on top of everthing else.

- I love my parents, my sister and my grandma but have trouble actually telling them.

- I recently started Weight Watchers but am afraid that it's not going to impact me the way I want it to.

- Even though I have a few good friends that I can talk to about almost anything, I still feel very much alone.

- I am a genuine, nice, caring person and that always gets me taken advantage of by others.

- I love to color but need a coloring book because I'm not very creative. Dora and Diego end up being my masterpieces lol.

- I love kids. I'm okay with never getting married but I'm not okay with never having kids.

- My preferred summer attire is a fitted hat, a wife beater and shorts.

- I love going to the beach but I hate swimming in the ocean. I would prefer to swim in a pool anyday.

- I love roadtrips with friends.

- I like to pretend I can fix anything by myself but in reality, I should probably hire a professional.

- I love reading and writing.

- I have double jointed fingers.

- I think I have a mild case of OCD.

- I hate when people use their/they're/there or your/you're improperly.

Lisa said...

- I am scared to DEATH for clowns and dolls. Especially Chuckie. That little guy creeps me out!

- I don't like alcohol. What don't I like about it? THE ALCOHOL..

- I am really lazy. In fact, I'm so lazy that I'm not even going to think of another point.


ps. smiley faces make everything better

Kelley said...

Dear Desiree (response 2 ur posts):
#1 no harm in loving one channel/harm was your dad telling you that you're crazy for it!

#2 through #10 posts are coping mechanisms - albeit negative coping mechanisms - for you to deal with the atrocities your father forced upon you. He is the one with the mental illness - (Schizophrenia) - Try not to allow yourself to hurt from his words!

Just quit the stealing and lay off the juice - You're fine!!!!

Love life and make something of yourself - you can do anything!

Best of Luck - Never give Up

sabia fe said...

If you want to walk round barefoot head to O.B. in San Diego, they never wear shoes, best place on earth!

Maya said...

I'm left handed too!

- I have an obsession with robots - so much so that I operate under the name Lingbot

- I love cartoon monkeys

- I go to art school but don't think I'm artistic at all

- Cold, gloomy days make me super happy

The Feminal Artery said...

- I have a weird affinity for cats.

- Opera is my guilty pleasure

- I reeeeally dont like sushi. If you ask me to go to 'all you can eat sushi' I will frown.

- the other day at the wave pool a 12 yearold boy with frosted tips told me i had 'great tits'. he's not wrong.

- I have a good feeling that by the age of 50, I will perfectly resemble my grandfather.

- I am surprisingly good at freestyle rapping. seriously.

- I don't understand why they couldn't just leave Carmen Sandiego alone

- I think tea should be its own food group

- If it weren't for social desirability I'd magic bullet everything I eat in a day

- I write letters alot and not because I'm nice or thoughtful, but because I'm so extroverted a Journal doesn't cut it

- I know how to castrate a calf and that is not okay with me.

Eleanor said...

Ok, here it goes,

I don't understand why walking around barefoot is socially unacceptable?!!

I adore old love songs that make my heart melt, im 22!

I love to see women on motorbikes!!

I hate hate hate romcoms and my friends think im cold hearted, but i can be such a romantic!

I like to spend an entire day in bed

I like to walk up mountains and through woods and pretend im in some middle earth situation with elves, hobbits and dwarfs!

I love to look at rivers, just watching the water flow away, very relaxing! I love all forms of water really!