Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kindergarten Killer

Lately I've been trying to be positive about life but as I lay on the couch today with the flu I read an article on about a man who walked into a kindergarten with a kitchen cleaver and hacked to death 7 children and 2 adults. The man then returned home and committed suicide and officials have no idea why he did this.

This so terrible but what is worse is that this is the fourth attack on school children in China in the last month. On April 30, a man injured five preschool children with a hammer before setting himself on fire in a classroom suicide. The man held two children in his arms while he doused himself with gasoline but teachers pried the children away before he caught fire.

How can people be so awful to one another?


CDPS said...

It's China, what do you expect?

Was that insensitive?

Certexx said...


Not insensitive but irrational. This kind of violence has happened in American several times over the past two decades. Virgina Tech would be a good example. It's all awful where every it is happening.