Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stand Up Special

In January I shot a standup special for Logo called ONE NIGHT STAND UP: The Ladies of AfterEllen, with comedic geniuses Cat Davis, Gloria Bigelow, Liz Feldman and Jennie McNulty. If you missed the show on tv Logo has also posted two different versions online for you to view.

My set is last so if you want to see me you'll have to skip ahead but I recommend watching all the performers. I performed 40 minutes and below are links to view the 10 clean minutes and 10 dirty minutes that made it into the show. All my jokes on Prop 8, Mariah Carey, Swine Flu, the Disney-vault, me pouring a full bottle of water on myself, me humping the audience were cut from the final version so hopefully you'll enjoy the jokes that were chosen.

I recommend the Uncensored version.

And here is the G-rated version.

onenightstandup450 copy


me said...
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me said...

Hey Bridget,

I've been waiting for this for forever! It's great that it's up online. It sucks that it doesn't play outside of the US! Because that means I can't get to watch it :(

Is there any other way to watch it?

With avid love for your comedy,

cristina cornejo said...

i can't watch it either...what a bummer!!!

Lainey said...

I attended the taping of this show - Bridget you were my favorite...honestly I didn't really care for the others, I thought you were the best had great energy; positive, interacted with the were worth the wait...& you looked fabulous by the way!

Well, hopefully others will be able to view this...

Aviva DV said...

Excellent video. You were definitely my favorite, too (although I didn't have the pleasure of actually attending the show like the other commenter)! Thanks for posting this.