Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I hate the rain

It's raining in Los Angeles today which means I just want to crawl back in bed and wait for another sunny day. Alas, I have meetings and a shoot today so I'll have to venture out into the wet wild world (that sounds like a X-rate film title).

If I had the entire day to hide from the rain and all my responsibilities these are the top 5 things I'd like to do:

1. Make a fort out of bed sheets.
2. Go to the movies.
3. Watch a marathon of Battlestar Galactica and or Arrested Development.
4. Edit old never-before-seen footage of BRUNCH while eating popcorn.
5. Play hide-and-go-seek with my dog.

What would you do?


Laura said...

Five things i would do

1. Digi scrapbooking
2. Carry on with my contact juggling lessons ( it's really hard!)
3.Write fanfic because I'm a saddo
4. Blog about how bored I am
5. Watch the West wing or DS9 or both

Lainey said...

I love the rain - I find it romantic! So, if I had a girlfriend, we'd be under the sheets all day!

But, since I'm single....I'd go for a run - I loove to run in the rain! Then I'd come home do my sit ups, take a shower, get into some comfortable sweats, eat like a horse, & watch movies....or...go to the movies w/friends. I also like to sit by the window & play acoustic guitar when it rains.

What I don't like doing when it rains - is driving - people here in LA are INSANE when it comes to driving in the rain...oh yea & playing hide-&-go-seek w/the dog is fun - my sister & I use to do that w/our dog all the time!

Dalice711 said...

I love the rain, everything grows...and, it's weirdly comforting to me to know that no one else is having fun outside either!

I would:
1) play hide&seek with my dog
2) dance/exercise to my fave songs on my mp3, which gives me a major rush!
3) watch reruns of Nurse Jackie
4) walk on treadmill while watching my L Word DVDs
5) Do a wash ( I have to be a little productive!)ha