Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sharing is Caring Part 2

Last time I posted my sharing is caring blog I learned so much about many of you and I want to know more. So below is more information about me that you might not already know.

-The older I get the more I enjoy scary movies. I blame Stacie Ponder for this.

-I miss eating pot roast.

-Since I'm a Libra being fair is very important to me. I let my dog on the porch with me so I thought it was only fair to put my cat on a leash so she could be outside too.

-I admit when I'm wrong. Ever since I took my cat outside she keeps trying to escape when I open the front door. I shouldn't have taken her outside with me.

-I love macaroni salad.

-Until recently I didn't know that the bulls get killed during a bull fight. What is wrong with people?

-I love when my wife uses big vocabulary words.

-I only have black tattoos.

-In high school tried to dump the person I was dating and they told me they already dumped me months before. WTF?

-Liza Minnelli is my hero.

-When I paint my own nails they look like they were painted by Jackson Pollack.

-Whenever I'm sad I take my dog to the dog park and it cheers me up.

-My favorite meal is my mother's manicottis and garlic bread.

-My dying meal would be a brownie sundae with chocolate and carmel sauce.

-Every time I see a homeless person I cry.

-I was an uber dork when I met Johnny Weir and he was lovely.



mega said...

- I'm one of those weird people that don't like chocolate (nor cheese for that matter).
- I have zero tolerance for stupidity (i've tried, i really have tried to be more tolerant sometimes - no success there)
- I like classic mythology
- My favourite sport is basketball
- I'm so self-confident that I can walk into restricted areas without anyone asking me what i'm doing there
- I love the smell in the air after a summer rain
- I'm a geek - i love all electronic gadgets
- I'm an atheist, but i do admire people with faith
- My favourite meal is rice with chicken (anything with rice actually)
- I have white hairs since I was 18
- I am very *very* protective of the people I love (mostly family and friends)
- My favourite number is 7

Kris said...

- I like your sharing is caring idea.

- I have three tattoos and am planning more.

- Other than my butterfly/treble clef tattoo (represents freedom and music) which has red lines, all my tattoos are black.

- It's very important to me that tattoos mean something. One of mine is dedicated to my training in Jiu Jitsu. The other is dedicated to my grandfather who passed away recently.

- I'm becoming more comfortable admitting to myself that I'm trans and am looking into the next steps.

- I'm desperate for a job and am willing to do almost anything because I'm broke.

- Since I don't have a job, I generally spend my mornings on the computer and watching TV and believe it or not, it's getting boring.

- If you put Law and Order: SVU on, don't expect to have my attention for as long as it's on.

- I'm going away to school in the fall which makes me nervous and excited.

- I'm excited to move off Long Island because the people around here can be mean and closed minded.

- I went paintballing for the first time and loved it.

- I'm really glad it's Pride month. It's the best time of the year :)

Natasha said...

-Whenever I feel stressed or unable to cope with something, I think 'just dance' and it instantly calms me. I assume it's because it reminds me of Lady Gaga who I idolize in a way.

-My lucky number is 28

-I adore reality tv, but despise most of the contestants for being fame whores.

- Living with my grandmother is both the best thing and the worst thing in the world.

- My favourite sport is tennis.

- I'm English but want to be Welsh just for the accent.

-I'm 21 and have braces, but apparantly they're sexy as I've been hit on more with them than without.

K_chai said...

-I cry when I see homeless people too and stray dogs/cats
-I like when my dog greets me at the door, and the smell of her after a bath
-I talk/sing to animals in silly voices
-I like being alone
-I hate being alone
-I love sitting in a dark room with only my laptop for light
-I love love British movies and TV shows
-I can't spell worth crap

Lainey said...

- I like watching scary movies when I'm home sick from work like The Others w/Nichole Kidman. Then there's suspense/thriller types like Secret Window w/Johnny Depp, or What Lies Beneath w/Harrison Ford -

- I loove pot roast!!! Sometimes I like having it w/a nice glass of red wine too!

- Being fair is very important to me too, & I'm a Leo..

- I wish I had a dog to take to the dog park - I love dogs! Our unit complex doesn't allow them...

- I loove my neighborhood, Love it!!! I look forward to the Xmas Caroling Truck every xmas eve, it goes right by our complex. Its such a cool thing! But, I'm considering moving - its a good time to buy & I want to own my own place so I can have 2 dogs to take to the dog park, the beach, morning runs, etc.

_ I'm starting to have a silent addiction w/Klondike Krunch Bars - They are so good-I've had one every night for the last week (or so, maybe longer?) Yum!

- I also loove Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino ice cream - Seriously-I could eat the pint all by myself once I open it!

- Looking forward to the New real life L Word show

- Not sure what my dying meal would be, maybe sushi w/lots of fresh ginger..hhmm that's a tough one!

- I've never had manicottis-it sounds really good!

- This mess that's going on w/BP & the oil spill just gets under my skin! Why the #$%$# didn't they have a plan LONG BEFORE this disaster happened? Lots of companies have plans in place. WTF??? and people say our planet's not being ruined & destroyed by humans?????? BS!!!

Revolutionary Colonial said...

I CAN'T PAINT MY OWN NAILS EITHER my 4 year old niece does a better job.. luckily i had a twin growing up and now i am one of ze gays so my gf paints them for me...

Nicole said...

-Awesome! Yes, I'm 23 and my sister still paints my nails for me.
-I love driving in the rain, with my window down, to feel the rain drops hit my hand.
-I played the trumpet in the 4th grade and quit the next year because the trumpet players didn't have the same band teacher. *shrug*
-I love to cook but I'm just okay at it.
-I look more like my step sister than I look like my actual sister.
-I stole a stapler from a store once when I was 8 by accident and I felt so bad that I snuck it back in and paid for it.
-I started getting gray hair when I was in high school. I'm embracing it. What of it.
-Anndddd I think Bridget McManus is flipping fantastic!
-The END.