Saturday, June 12, 2010

That Time of The Month Episode 3

yo yo yo-

Friday was That Time of the Month to watch the latest episode of That Time of the Month.

Check out episode 3 and see Taffy Davenport and I return to outer space with part two of director Stacie Ponder's Space Girls. (Listen closely because Lena Headey lends her voice to one of the characters.)

Out actress Kayt Reichert shows off her new web series, EduKayt. Kayt uses her Bob Vila skills and high heels to teach hapless homeowners to fix anything from locks to toilets to ceiling fans. Chicago-based singer/songwriter Daphne Willis shares her music video for "Everybody Else," and we take a glimpse into the lives of songwriting duo and conjoined twins Evelyn and Evelyn Neville.

And we round out the show with two movie trailers. Maxine Peake stars in The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister from the BBC2 network, and the award-winning Boston based drag and cabaret troupe All the King's Men allow their lives to be documented in Play in the Gray.

All the Kings Men will be performing in boston and Provincetown, MA this summer and to check out their show dates go to their website,

That Time of the Month is now accepting submissions of video material from lesbian and bisexual women artists. If you want to see your work featured on the Logo Network, go to for submission guidelines and more info.

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