Monday, June 21, 2010

Sharing is Caring Part 3

Happy Monday! It's a gloomy day here in Los Angeles and I thought it would make me feel better to have another sharing is caring blog. Please play along and share something about yourself. :)

-I can't whistle.

-I love strawberry milkshakes.

-I greatly enjoy painting my nails but I'm really bad at it.

-I hate drama.

-When I was a kid I studied ballet and jazz.

-I believe in signs.

-When I was a kid I had a crush on Kevin Costner in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

-I'm always cold.

-I love the color pink.

-Everything my dog does makes me smile.

-I make really great waffles.

-Every week I Tivo Judge Judy and So You Think You Can Dance.

-I really enjoy being a wife.

-I love playing dress up.

-I can't spell well.

-I love sleeping late.

-I'm allergic to grapes.

-I taught myself how to be double jointed.



Shenelle said...

- i love listening to music turned all the way up with my eyes closed. it feels amazing and it makes me feel very free.

- i also love walking around bare footed. it might be because im jamaican

- I like eating cookies and cream ice cream with pretzels.

- if i like a book enough, i will read it front to back over and over again.

- i like animated cartoons that make you cry.

- my favorite fruit is apples.

- I can sing every song from Rent and the Sound of Music by my sleep.

- I don't really enjoy the beach...too much sand in places i dont want

- I love anything red.

- I taught myself how to whistle.

- I hate shopping.

- I hate when people comment on the size of my chest. It's not flattering...its annoying and awkward....i know i have big titties...dont remind me

- I love to make people laugh and I love laughing.

- I don't like large parties. I'd rather a small group of friends.

- I like to write poetry but i hate reading it to others.

Susanna said...

-I love the Beatles

-I'm addicted to GLEE and I really need help

-I had a crush on Olivia Newton John when I was seven. Therefore I LOVED LOVED GREASE. I used to sing SUMMER NIGHTS and HOPELESSY DEVOTED TO YOU every single day. Everybody thought I had a crush on John Travolta and I let them believe that.

-I love biking. I practically bike everywhere, even though random people on the street keep telling me that someday I will get hit by a car (Thank you, random people )

-I LOVE chocolate.

-When I start reading a novel I pretend to be a casting director and start assigning roles. I mix celebrities with people I actually know. When I read ANNA KARENINA I gave the role of Vronsky to Hugh Grant and the role of Anna to my French teacher in university.

-I dream all the time. Once I dreamt that my house was so huge that I had to take a train in order to go from the kitchen to my bedroom. The kitchen was in Bologna (where I live) and my bedroom was in Florence.

-I go to London every once in a while.

Scootergirl81 said...

-I can make balloon animals.

-I love to sketch.

-I use to be in martial arts when I was younger.

-I miss playing softball.

-I love swimming.

-My favorite thing to do when I’m board is to cruise around on my scooter.

-I have a snowboard and have only used it twice in the past 10 years.

-I love listening to music.

-I was hit by car in first grade. Now I look both ways before crossing the street.

-My spelling and grammar sucks.

-I can’t cook, But, I can eat.

-My favorite food is pot roast and mash potato's.

-I love to travel.

-I have a German Sheppard who is a vegetarian.

-My favorite show of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know I’m a dork!

-I’ve bungee jumped once.

-My favorite holiday is Halloween.

-I’m a Scorpion.

-And I love hanging out with my friends.

Quinn said...

- I love watching dance movies i.e.- Step Up, Dirty Dancing, Footloose because I can't dance to save my life.

- I could never be a vegetarian.

- I am not handy at all.

- I enjoy helping people by donating blood.

- I have a horrible sense of direction.

- Fall is my favorite season.

- I've watched General Hospital since I was 12-years-old.

- Flying always make me nervous.

- I love watching cooking shows and saving recipes, although, I rarely cook.

- Everytime I see a happy couple it gives me hope that one day I'll find someone too.

winec00ler said...

- My favorite color changes daily, yesterday it was black, today turquoise, once it was bubble gum pink....

- I need some sort of chocolate everyday to get me through the "office wall" around 3pm

- I collect christmas movie specials preferable on VHS

- I bought a 2 Orbitz drinks from ebay made in 1998 and bought it in 2007.
I drank one in 2008 and the other is a paper weight on my desk

-In my free time I look online at Google Images for place I want to go, people I want to meet and interior spaces I want to someday design in my own apartment(when I can afford to have one)

- I avoid confrontation at all cost (like moving cross county)

- I thought snowflakes were as big as your hand like the paper ones you make in kindergarten, then I spent a winter is Wisconsin and found out the contrary.

- I find that the longer you stay in LA the smaller its get from when you first visit.

- I sleep with my 3 maltipoos: Sophie, Chocolate Dog and Monkey- they are my blanket.

- I own over 10 pairs of sunglasses lost somewhere either in my car or in my bedroom.

- I like buying stickers I wanted when I was younger off ebay, like Sandylion, Mello Smello and Lisa Frank

- I keep the same 20 songs playing on my itunes when I sleep they are from a 99 cent spa CD I borrowed from my sister, I don't know any of the songs if you played them while I am awake.

- I haven't watched a TV show on a Television in at least 4 months, hulu is great

- I kissed a girl and I liked it.

- I wear the same dark wash jeans just about everyday.

- I need water not coffee to wake me up in the morning.

- When I was younger I wanted to be a painter, french beret and all. I grew up to be a designer/illustrator for children's licensed products.

- I quit a high paying job in 2009 (recession) and when HR asked why I wanted to leave I told them I just wasn't happy, no regrets.

- I found a picture in an old national geographic magazine my art teacher kept in the back of the classroom, I painted it and ever since I have wanted to go there with someone special: Circa Terra, Italy

- I have never been to NY, but I'd rather visit the South first.

- My childhood consisted of a big screen Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, crayons and Campbell's soup - everyday, and 10 cousins and siblings running around in suburban OC

- I collect Pez dispenser but hate the candy that comes with 'em.

I bought both a Wii and an Ipod and gave them to my brothers 'cause I was too confused about the technology... I'm 25.

Lainey said...

- I've got a disfunctional family & its soo draining sometimes!

- When I was a kid I took Hula lessons. I'm hawaiian on my mom's side of the family so hula was something you were sort of expected to do. But it just wasn't for me. This lesbo preferred & still prefers to watch instead, especially Tahitian dancing!

- I met Pat Benatar on Friday night @ her book signing. She's an angel from heaven to say the least! She's a true inspiration & she just made me smile big time!

- I used to be a cop years ago, & still miss it sometimes.

- I loove a good strong cup of french pressed coffee every morning.

- I once loved a woman so much that it physically hurt when we broke up.

- I love sleeping in late too.

- Saturday's are my favorite day of the week.

- I used to be allergic to cats.

- When I was a kid I used to have a crush on both Shawn Cassidy & Parker Stevens.

- I took guitar class in my freshman year of high school - learned a handful of chords, & taught myself everything else from there. I wanted to be the next Nancy Wilson of Heart but I didn't have enough confidence at the time.

- I loove the beach - remote beaches.

- I loove to go boating & wave running, anything water related.

- I always wanted to learn how to surf

- I love the sound of a gentle breeze blowing through the trees

- I love the feeling of Fall. There's something different in the air during the Fall season -not sure what it is, but its unlike any other season.

- I like the combination colors of a light cream color against purple or a light shade of purple.

- I love my 2 very large house plants - I've had them since 1998 - they are the coolest!

-I think this blog subject is really cool. Can I get you another glass of wine? How bout another plate of pot roast? I wish I had asked to have a picture w/you while at the grammy museum...Oh well - it is what it is! Have a great week Bridget!

Anonymous said...

-I can lick my ellbow even though they say you normally can't.

-I like driving fast so I hate people who always stay below the tempo limit.

-I speak three and a half languages.

-Sometimes when I'm really angry I have to be careful not to start crying.

-I really like math

-When I'm bored I eat something, which is a lot of times.

-Sometimes I'm really impatient.

-I'm a perfectionist so I'm never content with me.

-I LOVE books.

-I hate fennel.

-I'd love to get a motorcycle licence.

-I really love being gay, wouldn't choose it any other way because being straight is boring.

-I love orange flowers.

-I really like roller coasters and anything fast.

B said...

-I can't snap...not even to save my life.
-I know every Sound of Music song and am not ashamed.
-I'm a really good baker but don't eat any of the things I bake.
-I love nature but not camping.
-The most random things make me cry.
-I like to dance in my house but not in front of people.

Anonymous said...

- I like to listen to a song and pretend that I am living in a movie and the song is part of the movies soundtrack.

- I also cannot whistle

- I dream of doing improv comedy with Second City.

- I always have a story floating around in my head.. but when I go to write it down, nothing ever comes out.

- I love yellow apples, but I hate all other kinds of apples

- I have a bit of an obsession with Tina Fey....okay more than a bit.

- I had a dream last night that I lived in a giant bubble.

- I admire people who are carefree and live in the moment

- I love all things Broadway.. even though I have never been to New York.

-San Francisco is my favorite city that I have been to.

- I would rather take a trip to a new city then take a vacation to a beach.

- When I am home alone, I turn on music and sing really really loud.

Anonymous said...


Jenny said...

- I hold my breath while watching the So You Think You Can Dance results show every week.

- I believe that if Ashley Davies went to my high school I would have come out way earlier :)

- I taught myself to juggle in middle school because I believed I needed a marketable skill.

- I spell out every word and use proper grammar in text messages and always use smiley faces in place of LOL.

- I believe learning to cook would take away someone else's job security so I just continue to order take out.

- I always leave books I've finished reading in places that I think someone will pick them up and want to give them a new the gym locker room or a hotel nightstand.

triplestripe said...

-I learnt how to whistle when i was 6. since then i have taught myself to wolf whistle with my fingers in my mouth, and i am in the process of teaching myself to whistle without pursing my lips, just using my tongue.

-I love malt in my strawberry milkshakes.

-I greatly enjoy having my nails done at a salon.

-When I was a kid I studied ballet, jazz, tap, character, modern, scottish country dancing, and street funk. you will be hard pressed to get me on a dance floor in a club.

-When I was young i wanted to marry John Farnham.

-I'm struggle with cold and people often look at me as if i am insanely overdressed. then if i find a heated place and strip off all the layers i will over heat.

-I don;t really like the color pink, but i know it looks good on me, so will wear it by choice.

-some days i want to kill my cat, but i love him to bitty bits, even when he wakes me by sticking a claw into my lip.

-I make really great stuffed chicken breasts.

-i own two televisions. i'm not really sure why though, because sometimes i will go for a month without turning either one of them on.

-I would love a long distance relationship. "our" time on weekends, MY time the rest of it!

-I love wearing funny hats in public.

-I used to be the best speller in my class. now i need the little red line to tell me when i am wrong...

-I love sleeping late. i will go to bed at 4am if i know i can sleep will midday the next day!