Friday, June 25, 2010

Ridiculous Headlines: Kayt Perry's Smooshed Boobs

I must admit that I'm an avid fan of gossip blogs. I really wish I wasn't but apparently I am weak. (I just realized this week that I use the word "apparently" too much, I will try to address that in my daily life)

Since I constantly patrol Dlisted, People, USWeekly and Star I thought it would be funny to pick the most ridiculous article that I find each day and share it with you all.

Today's selection comes from Us Weekly untitled: Katy Perry's Smooshed Boobs

This amazing piece of "journalism" is about exactly what you'd think it was about, Katy Perry's boobs smooshed into tight clothing.



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Sandra said...

Hahaha that's too funny haha totally brightened up my morning with this post :)