Friday, November 19, 2010


Hi everyone! This month I am the covergirl for BOUND MAGAZINE! It's the November issue (issue # 12.)

In my interview with BOUND I discuss my upcoming projects, my love of Europe and even bare all for my first ever topless centerfold. Shhh, don't tell my mother!

Photographer Ashley Walters and I did a two day shoot in the Hollywood Hills. There are dozens of photos that didn't make it into the magazine but you have to check out the ones that did.

If you'd like a copy of BOUND it will be available to purchase in the USA starting in January 2011. BOUND is available in selected Barnes and Noble, Borders book shops and varies newsstands.

If you live outside of the USA or can't wait until January to check out the issue you can order the magazine directly from BOUND in Australia. They take payment via direct deposit, paypal and credit card. Each copy is $7.95 AUD plus postage.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy email Laura McConnell at:

Make sure you clarify that you want the Nov 2010 issue (issue # 12 with me on the cover)

If you'd rather not waste paper can also subscribe to BOUND online at


Bound centerfold



Dalice711 said...

Is that a body double? Doesn't look like your chest at all (not that I know first hand).

My friend has a copy but says someone else's name is on cover. She's a little nutso so I'll have to see for myself. But it is the Nov issue.

Bridget McManus said...

No body double. That's just how I look. Hopefully you don't think I look deformed.

My issues is the November 2010 (issue #12)

Your friend might have the issue before mine with Tracy on the Lword on the cover. My issue is after hers.

Di said...

Beautiful! You look especially good in natural sunlight. I'll have to check my local Borders in January.

Dalice711 said...

LOL,omg, no, not deformed at all! Just looks too small for you. You have a great body Bridget! Trust me I'm a boob girl.

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