Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last Friday I bought a pair of $11 black tights for the 3 Way Premiere. When I went to get ready for the party I noticed the tights were torn within the package.

Today I finally went back to the Beverly Center to return the tights but I didn't want to pay $2 for parking in their lot. (why pay $2 when I'm only getting $11 back?)

I ended up driving around for 15 minutes to find a local parking meter and put in $.35 to save some cash. Winston was in the car so I ran in and out of the mall in 9 minutes. (yes I timed it because I'm a dork)

When I returned to my car there was a $39 parking ticket on my car.

Apparently the parking signs said

2 Hour Parking from 9am-4pm
No Parking from 4pm-7pm...and of course it was 4:07pm. (why didn't I notice that sign?)

In summary by returning my $11 tights to save $2 on parking it cost me $39.35.




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