Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holiday Future

Today is January 31, 2008. I walked into Rite Aid this morning and passed by the Valentines Day display with an array of chocolates, cards, stuffed animals, balloons, and anything else that screams "processed- love" (said the single bitter girl).

Valentines Day has been on display since even before the New Year. Right after Christmas I saw the decorations go up but I have dealt with it-but what I can't deal with is when I walked past the Valentines display right next to it there was an EASTER display. EASTER isn't until March 23!

Come on people! Let's mourn one holiday before we move onto the next. It's as if we haven't even broken up with Valentines Day and we're already sleeping with EASTER behind its back.

I'm sick of living in the Holiday future- let's try living in the now. What's wrong with good old January 31?

Or maybe I should realize that if I can't bet them than I should join them:

OK NEW PLAN!!!! I'm throwing a Fourth of July party! Who's coming?


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