Thursday, January 31, 2008

demagoguery and combovers

If you watched tonight's Democratic Debate between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama than you witnessed three wonderful things:

1. Sen Clinton's use of the word "demagoguery" (Julia and I had to pause the Tivo to discuss the word and its tenses for 20 minutes before resuming the program)

2. Doyle McManus' painful combover (no relation to me or Baby Bridget McManus) If Nasa can successfully send items into space then someone should be able to get this man a decent hairpiece.

3. The debate over universal health care which I personally support and hope it actually works this time around.

I chose my candidate a long time ago and I'm sticking by my decision. Please remember to register to vote and take your asses out to the polls on election day. Voting is extremely important.


p.s. who told Hilary to wear the brown poop suit?

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