Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gay Adoption in Florida

CNN.COM has just reported that a Florida circuit judge declared it unconstitutional to prevent gays and lesbians from adopting children, saying "the blanket exclusion" of gay applicants "defeated Florida's goal of providing dependent children a permanent family."

Florida is the only state that specifically bans all "homosexual" people from adopting children, although it does allow them to be foster parents.

This month, Arkansas voters approved a ballot measure to prohibit unmarried partners -- same-sex or opposite-sex couples -- from adopting children or from serving as foster parents.

Obviously, I'm biased when it comes to this stuff but I think the main concern for everyone should be the children. Children need love and support to grow into upstanding citizens or... lesbian comedians and it shouldn't matter who parents as long as the children are cared for.




TheWeyrd1 said...

About time someone in FL took charge...well I guess it was several someones!

Josa Pagosa said...

I work for child welfare! As a lesbian and a caseworker this is a huge victory! Not only for us! But also for kids! I'm kinda like bridget in the sense that I like kids as long as they are not mine! But it's heart breaking to see so many lithle ones without families!

chuchu353 said...

Thank you!!!

This pic of the two loving men and their beautiful daughter breaks my heart. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!