Wednesday, November 26, 2008


COLDPLAY is my favorite band and last night I was lucky enough to see them in concert in Anaheim. In the middle of the show Chris Martin performed a solo on his piano (swoon) and he messed up which I didn't enough notice until he said "Aww Fuck!" The entire crowd burst into applause. Apparently, swearing is popular in Anaheim.

The incident reminded me of when someone starts to laugh during the sketches on SNL. When those moments happen the laughing or swearing performer appear to be so in the moment and that makes them more "human" and relatable.

Chris Martin taught me that we are all the same. We all laugh, cry and swear.

Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Here's my favorite song for the 4th year in a row:


Random said...

Interesting story... Swearing is indeed only human (I apparently do it a lot... I swear, therefore I am.)

"Clocks" is great! I also like "Speed of sound" or "Trouble" or "The hardest part" or "Lost" or...

I guess I like Coldlay as well ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving.

anytime_now said...

Swearing - it shows us that even the best make mistakes.

But Coldplay Bridget!? Why!!?
I should stop now before I diss your fave band too much. To each her own.
Later (:

Theresa Willson said...

That's awesome Bridge! I also love Coldplay and "Clocks" is my fave song also. Cool you got to see them and he messed up and said the F word. Too funny. You have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving too. :) Ciao. P.S. we're so used to doing the italian thing with sauce also.

RoaOC said...

Hey, I'm a Coldplay fan, too. Well, I'm a recent convert, anyway. I'm not sure when or how it happened, but I really, really like the new Coldplay CD. It's not like they've changed their style.. their music is still kinda mopey and overly melodic, but, but, I LIKE IT! I used to be one of those people who openly mocked Coldplay fans, sooo, this recent conversion has me a bit worried. Hmm, maybe I'm maturing. No, that can't be it.