Saturday, June 6, 2009


Last night I attended the ROXY's girlfest of powerhouse bands starring Sick of Sarah and Von Iva.

Both bands fucking rocked it and made me proud to sport a vagina. If you don't already own their albums (or a vagina) BUY THEM.

Support indie music and female bands.

If you didn't attend the concert you missed the AMAZING Abisha (SOS) spitting water like a porpoise and Lay Lay (VON IVA) smashing the drums until her stick shattered. Lay Lay is the new Animal.

(ok this is a dolphin but you get the idea)


Fraggle & Fi said...

"Support indie music and female bands."

Bridget, thank you! This is the ethos behind the shiny new podcast my friend and I have started. We play unsigned music by lovely ladies, then shout at each other about films and spaceships while cats run amok in the background. I feel like your statement is a personal endorsement!

Hooray, positive mental attitude buzz! Thank you for being most awesome.

Fi x

Thinker-Thought said...

Animal FTW!!

Susanna said...

Sick of Sarah's "Not Listening" has been stuck in my head for weeks now :). I always sing it in the shower...and in the rain.
Gonna look for their albums and play their songs on my radio show in Italy.

Annie said...

Yay! I <3 Sick of Sarah! Just saw them at SJ Pride and was so excited to see them since I got introduced to them through AE and BWB. Was able to talk to the band afterwards and asked Abisha about BWB - she said she dedicated the spitting water to you Bridget - lol! Such cool, hot ladies who rock!!!