Friday, January 15, 2010

Homework Assignment Day 4

Happy Friday! As you all know Friday begins with the letter "F". Here are my favorite "F" words.

I love to swear and "fuck" is a great swear word to use to get attention. When I was a kid my neighbor Jessica taught me the word "fuck" and I had no idea what it meant. I ran around my house screaming "fuck fuck fuck!" When my mom heard me she scolded me and informed me that the word "fuck" meant two dogs rubbing their butts together....years later I found out that's not what "fuck" meant.

Fairy tale
My favorite fair tale is Snow White...wait, is that an official fair tale or just a great cartoon involving dwarfs?

When I visited the Zurich Zoo a zoologist informed me that there is scientific evidence that there are gay and lesbian flamingos. Go GAY!

Who doesn't like free stuff? No one! Well maybe monsters don't like free stuff but they are monsters and no one likes a monster. Except for Cookie Monster.

What are your favorite "f" words?


PuckFinn said...

I am a great fan of "finger" and "finagle". A lot can be got with finagling fingers.

jaide987 said...

Hmmmm my favourite F word has to be Feck, its the irish slang for fuck and when i am working i seem to get away with saying that a lot more than when i say fuck, my boss says i am 1 step away from getting a disciplinary for my potty mouth! Also i just learnt a new F word that my brother just taught me Fap - To fart and poop at the same time! x

leeeah said...
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leeeah said...
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leeeah said...
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Skinny Arbuckle.... said...

your favorite F words are also my favorite F words. i would only add to that these Few.

Fannie Flagg
Forest lawn
Fountain soda