Saturday, January 16, 2010

Homework Assignment Day 5

I was awoken at 6AM by my step-cat licking herself very loudly. Since I can't seem to go back to sleep and the number "six" starts with the letter "s" I figured why not do my Saturday homework?

Saturday starts with the letter "S" and my favorite "S" words are:

DJ Spinderella was my favorite part of the Salt-n-Pepa team. If she was gay (and interested) and I didn't already meet my lovely wife then I'd be Mrs. Bridget Spinderella.

Saturday Night Live
Good skits or really long unfunny skits are still great when coming from the cast of SNL. The show is historic and my favorite skit of all time is when Patrick Swayze and Chris Farely auditioned for Chippendales.

p.s. I hope my friend Fortune Feimster joins the SNL cast. She's a comedic genius!

Snowboarding is my new hobby and my new hobby bruises my ass.
Blackcomb Terrain Park, winter, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, North America

School Days
School days keep kids off the streets and away from cross walks so I can drive fast.

I really wish I was sleeping right now since it's freaking 6am! I'm pretty sure my step-cat and her loud tongue are fucking with me...

What are your favorite S words?


jaide987 said...

Mine would have to be Sexcapade it means to Engange in an adventure of which the ultimate goal is to have sex, like a tryst, but with more of a porno feel. Oh and the word skank!! I just love saying that word, i dont know why, dont know if you have it in the states but it means a dirty person lol!!!! x

AlexOnTheEdge said...

OMG! I'm not the only who was obsessed with Spinderella! What ever happened to her?

PuckFinn said...

@ AlexOnTheEdge

According to the VH1 Show that Salt N' Peppa did a couple of years ago, Salt pretty much decided that she wanted to quit the band because she'd found a man and Jesus. She convinced (sorta) Pep and Spin didn't really get a say.
Then it came time to split up the money and Spin was woefully under-compensated for her contribution to Female MC history and was bitterbitterbitter.
They all hashed it out (sorta) on the show but what really happened was that Salt got all self-righteous, Pep got all guilty and Spin was all ... well... not a lot was happening for Spin at that point.
Anyhoods, I think that she's currently in a Hanes bra commercial.

Skinny Arbuckle.... said...

Sextacular, Sure, Salt, Syrup, Swine-flu Symptoms!