Monday, January 18, 2010

Homework Assignment Day 7

Happy Monday! It's raining in Los Angeles and I HATE the rain. The opposite of hate is love so here is a list of things I love:

Chocolate milkshakes
Even though I'm allergic to milkshakes (and all other dairy products) I'm willing to make myself sick for one sip of a super thick chocolate milkshake.

My wife
Obviously I have to list my wife Karman or I'm a douche...oh yeah, and I love her too.

My new baby
Yesterday an angel joined my family. Let me introduce you to Taffy Davenport KregAnus. My dear friend Jen was fostering this adorable loving dog that was discarded by its previous owners. She resembles my last dog Winston who I never got to say goodbye to so having Taffy in my family is bitter-sweet. But more sweet than bitter.

What do you love?


forsakenidentity said...

Awww, Taffy's just as cute as Winston. <3
How's the cat handling the new member of the family? :)

Claire said...

I miss Winston too, but yea for Taffy!

Jen Byrne said...

that pic makes me smile every time i look at it !

Skinny Arbuckle.... said...

"Hey Taffy, why don't you come over here and suck your daddy's dick?"

"I wouldn't suck your dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls!"

Long live Taffy Davenport Kreganus

and don't think i didn't notice that milkshakes were placed above wife. but i would've done the same.

leeeah said...

nice arms!

Julie_Gong said...

i love two of the things on your list too! well actually i don't love your wife... i love my own lady who isn't my wife mostly because i live in pennsylvania and that can't happen but i love her just the same. i also love milkshakes. i'm sure i'd also love taffy.

marty said...

I love the rain...but not in L.A. I really love tennis...and hot women tennis players...oh yeah!!! ;)