Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Homework Assignment Day 8

Once again it's raining in Los Angeles and I hate the rain. So to focus on the good things in life I've decided to make a list of some new discoveries I've made that are awesome and need to be shared:

Be Good Johnny Weir
I'm a huge fan of the fabulous, yet closeted, male figure skater Johnny Weir. He has his own show on the Sundance channel that I love almost as much as I love him. He's funny, bitchy and inspiring. I will be tuning into the Olympics this year to watch Johnny spin in a tutu and kick some ass!

Weight Watchers 1 Point Candy
I have struggled with my weight all my life and Weight Watchers is the one diet that has always help me lose weight safely.
Weight Watchers, which runs on a point system, now has an assortment of 1 point candies. Since I'm a sugar whore I can now lose weight yet divulge on chocolate.


Montepulciano's perfect wine
In college I studied in Italy and went wine tasting in Montepulciano. The wine was kept in a cave and we had to walk down steps into the center of the earth until we reached the barrels of wine. Every sip of wine tasted perfect.
I recently sampled a terrific bottle of Montepulcian d’Abruzzo: A Wonderful Red Wine from the Region of Abruzzo. I highly recommend you try it as well.


Do you have any magical suggestions that you're willing to share?


Di said...

Bridget, I don't have any magical suggestions.....but I did just discover that Johnny is on Twitter: @JohnnyGWeir I loved his show on Sundance and I will definitely be watching him in the Olympics. He is one of a kind.

D Carr said...

well i recently discovered that if you happen to be high and turn on charlie rose not only will you learn some great information but his voice will lull you into the single best nap of your life.

also i've discovered this blog, which i've only just glanced at but with a list of tags that include: toboggan, hilary swanks mullet, piss myself and skanky female prisioners...i feel it could be magical.

Lainey said...

Thanks for the tip on the wine - definitely going to try it...

Well I wouldn't call it magic, but I did discover that buttered toasted sour dough bread w/slices of Avocado & Tomato, & some fresh basil on top is very yummy - & yummy with a good red wine.

Websketch said...

Ok the toast sounds awesome with the wine, count me in! Johnny, closeted? Ohhh you mean like Richard Simmons kind of closet, got it. Fuzzy Boas and glittery kinda closets.

Magical hmmm, maybe a new jello flavor I discovered...cranberry. And this blog.

Jamie said...

Montepulcian d’Abruzzo is one of my favourite red wines, so I second your recommendation.

My magical thing would be the moments after the rain has stopped. That wonderful scent that's in the air as the earth recovers from the deluge and the sun begins to warm it all up again. Mother nature, now that's magical.