Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things that can't be salvaged.

This morning I reheated yesterday's coffee and it tasted so bad that I wasn't able to be salvaged it. Then I started thinking about other things that once they go they can't ever go back.

There are always exceptions to the rule but here's a list of things that I think can't be salvaged.

#1 Old coffee

#2 When your partner cheats on you. That changes your relationship forever.

#3 Leftover scrambled eggs

#4 Once your jeans rip in the crotch area. Sewing doesn't work.

#5 If a friend or partner steals from you. The relationship can't be saved.

#6 Wilting Orchids. Once these plants go south they don't seem to resurrect.

#7 Left over chinese food and indian food. Don't get a doggie bag, leave it at the restaurant.

#8 Holiday candy 2 months past the holiday. Yes, I love Easter candy but not in September.

#9 Once you start shaving your stomach. Your stomach will never be soft again.

#10 Being assigned to a middle sit on an airplane. That flight is going to suck no matter what.



Mew said...

I hate leftover Tandoori this morning. Delicious.

Dalice711 said...

that's not a rip! looks like the result of a hand grenade!

ERRRskate151 said...

Saying chinese food is not good the next day is preposterous! so long as it's not fried, it's pretty much good to go!

- DinoClub Marcus

socasacer said...

Have you seen this flow chart? It helps you decide whether something you dropped on the floor is still okay to eat.

Anna said...

shaving my stomach :( it's a terrible mistake that will never go away....

Tiburón said...

I beg to differ on Chinese food! As a broke college student leftover Chinese food seems to be a part of my weekly diet.