Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Girls?

I'm an avid reader of but a moment ago I found an article that greatly irritated me called "How big girls can look sexy". Of course the "big girls" that are being referred to aren't "girls" at all but instead grown women with full-figured bodies.

How come there are no articles critiquing large men like Russell Crowe calling them "big boys"?

The article included a picture of Queen Latifah who does not have the standard Hollywood female physique but her body definitely does not resemble anything like a big girl's body. I have been lucky enough to have seen Queen Latifah in person three times. Every time I saw her I was stunned by her beauty. She is tall, busty, carries herself like a goddess and like all women should be referred to as an adult and not as girl.



Anonymous said...

Agreed...she is quite the hottie and its annoying when articles demean full figured women by calling them girls or even calling them big. Or having an article saying that there are ways for them to look sexy implying they aren't already sexy which is false.

Claire said...

I agree with you. Did you post a comment on their article or write cnn a letter?

Hmm, just took a look and the only thing I find fault with is the title of the article. The reference to girls rather than women comes from the woman writing in with her question.

Lainey said...

I agree w/u completely! The writer of the article sounds young to me.

Gorgeous pic of Queen Latifah! Did you know she had a CD out a few years back? There's a blues song on it that's really good.

You find the greatest pictures by the way!